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dmcablaster.com Is Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Services & Website Content Protection Teams, DMCA TakeDown And Domain Seizure Provider, Reporting DMCA To Google Adsense .

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Our Professional DMCA 100% TakeDown Teams Are ONLINE 247, Monitoring Online Content

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We get stolen content removed.

dmcablaster help with stolen blog content, videos, pictures, websites, games and more. Any country, any content, anywhere. This is what our team of professionals do everyday.


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With Our Monthly PLAN Get Your CONTENT 100% Fully Protection, Lets Monitor Your Content While You Sleep

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dmcablaster Domain BlackLists

dmcablaster.com Check Website Blacklist Session Shows List of Current Domain, For TakeDown/Suspension, Pending Google Adsense Blocking/Reporting.

WARNING - IF ANYONE FAIL to Comply With Us , We Proceed To Follow Below ACTIONS

Hack/Inject Malware Virus

dmcablaster.com Use This Process, To Inject/Hack And Install Malware Virus, And Ensure a Dead End For Website

Domain Suspension/Seizure

We File a DMCA Report to  ICANN, To Enable Them Suspend Your Domain Within 72hours

Google Adsense/Hosting TakeDown

Google Takes DMCA 100% Serious, With our DMCA Partner, We Ensure To bring a Dead End to Your Google Adsense And Hosting Account

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  • Unlimited Links Remover Plan
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